See also Government of A.P. In strict sense, it means not only that a precedent has great authority but in certain circumstances, courts are bound by previously decided cases. However, stare decisis is not a straitjacket that condemns the law to stasis. Stare decisis: A) renders law rigid and unchanging. Justifications for stare decisis tend to be pragmatic and provisional. Chapter-30 Exception to Rule of Precedent and Stare Decisis-Pat-2 Exception to the Rule of Precedent To follow previous authorities, so far as they lay down principles, is essential if the law is to be preserved from becoming unsettled and vague. However, where an issue has been decided upon by the same level of court the rule in Re Hansard Spruce Mills Ltd. directs that courts apply "judicial comity" and should follow the same decision unless it is in the interests of justice to do otherwise. In So. Another advantages of this doctrine, as mentioned earliar is that it brings certainty, stability and consistency in law.

The criteria should be how wrong it was.

This is called vertical stare decisis.

Vertical stare decisis requires lower courts to follow the precedents of 12. "Since then one new factor has arisen and I wish to add a few observations with regard to that. The House of Lords however does not have to obey its own precedents.As far as the decisions of European Court of Justice are concerned, its decision are not binding on itself though it does follow its previous decisions. It was left to Parliament to amend the law laid down by the earlier decisions if in the light of modern conditions it was felt that that decision should no longer be followed. After considerable discussion it was agreed that it was not, and so the announcement to which my noble and learned friend refers was made. " This legal concept is known as “double jeopardy.” The Double Jeopardy Clause is located in the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

v. B. Satyanarayana Rao (2000) 4 SCC 262. These are intended to be helpful to the reader and may be considered "persuasive" by other courts.Stated negatively, the statements of a higher court are not binding where the words are "sufficiently tangential to the disposition of the case".The purpose of this distinction is to both promote certainty in the law as well as permit "growth and creativity".The application of stare decisis does not depend on quality of the appellate court's decision including length of judgement, depth of analysis or even correctness in law.The degree of weight the obiter has is proportionate to its proximity to the ratio decidendi.Courts should begin from the premise that obiter dicta from the Supreme Court is binding. The Origin and Current Meanings of "Judicial Activism", Stare Decisis and Demonstrably Erroneous Precedents See Edgar Bodenheimer Jurisprudence: The Philosophy and Method of Law; Black law Dictionary.Kmiec, Keenan. The phrase "According to Salmond, the phrase ‘the doctrine of precedent’ has two meanings.

This means that when judges try cases they must check to see if similar cases have been tried by a court previously.

Obiter will often take the form of commentary, examples and exposition.

In American law, the Courts have developed the "Narrowest Grounds" doctrine which requires inquiry into the ratio decedendi of the case which is to be the narrowest grounds upon which the concurring judgement decided the case. It literally means &quo... Legal research is the systematic investigation of problems and of matters concerned with law such as codes, Acts, constitution etc. See generally William S. Consovoy, The Rehnquist Court and the End of Constitutional Stare Criterion for following stare decisis should not be whether you think the decision is mistaken or not. Digital Commons @ Georgia Law Scholarly Works Faculty Scholarship 12-1-1992 The Stare Decisis "Exception" to the Chevron Deference Rule Rebecca White D) creates harsh results by refusing to recognize equitable exceptions.

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