not when peroxide is 3 for a dollar. Losing your hair can play with your emotions, but finding the right products can help you look your best and restore your confidence.

$300 and $600 Hell naw.i can pay outta pocket for cleanings and do Health fairs for vision,paps,and mams for FREE or very littleThis guy needs to shop around... Those high premiums should "open up the market" and new companies should be sprouting up to compete for our business. Dont chu/chall even worry. have you ever read the details of a hospital bill at the end of the day the rich will steady be rich and the poor will steady be poor.Yall stangy asses aint got to worry about me. Free next day delivery to mainland UK available.Welcome to run by 'Sixty Stores Ltd'.

Crazy.That’s the insurance industry’s way of strong arming the president into throwing out healthcare reformI pay around $320 a month for me and my two girls. making my own epi pen.Jenny, my vision is 8.67 twice a month, and 12.50 for dental twice a month. The dental is MetLife, I can't recall who the vision is with.Which all of this reminds me that I am paying for shatt that I am not using I need my eyes checked and to get into the dentist's office So what about the subsidies that they are suppose to help you cover the cost?.. @BrownskinQT Some dude who popped up on my FB feed and now he my boyfren. you can only claim medical costs if you itemize your taxes, which i dont.That poor asthamatic baby Your poor asthamatic pockets.But IDK if it’s just the media but there is mass hysteria round these partsAnd why would there be mass hysteria surrounding this particular legislation? All of us have to give and take.Good Morning all, well working for the largest health care provider in PA BC/BS, the real reason your premiums go up every year is rather simple because we want too and we can, its not like your employeer is going to give you any more than 3 or 4 options and only two of those options are good ones.Sandra’s always slow, or y’all never talk about anything when I have time to creep. dam near fell out in CVSmind you, epi-pens expire every 6 months and then you have to get a new prescriptionYep for preventive for me its free too... sick visits 20 bucks, specialty docs 30 .....With a bunch of other fat stewardesses standing over you fanning you saying: "In the Mighty Name of Jesus!" but healthcare is lucrative industry and the ppl at the top USED to (the health insurance)J Said it!

Then pass out.BORING def not a read to you Im a straight shooter person NEVER subliminal. I love my vision , free exams .... up to 150 dollars on frames and my out of pocket for frames is 10 bucks, Shuga, I've seen a couple that actually covered the entire copay or offered a free 30 or 60 day supply. My eczema flared up this sprang and had to get 3 shots. The chick didn’t wanna spend 15 bucks on a test so she went to the ER cause she knew they had to see her. You mind sharing how old you are? The greedy fat cats can kiss my grits!Im very ignorant when it comes to this you know us dudes hate the doctor, what can they (these people) do to make it lower?I pay about $100 a month for dental/vision/medical. They do it all the time.Diva, he is not gonna talk about anything with you, you Jezebel!!! and $5 off of $300 aint really doing too much of nothing. My copay is 50 for urgent care and I always get a bill..Aww man trust I’m paying for that insurance just think if I had that extra 200 on my check ….. but me and lil JB need it….That's true. wer getting Hurricane Impact windows installed asked our agent to run the #s to see how much of a discount we would get.One thing I know for sure: People who think the sun doesn't shine until Obama wakes up will support and justify every single move he makes - even to the detriment of themselves, their family, their livelihood, and their every day ability to keep on keeping on.What makes this any different than the ridiculous than some of Bush's policies? if i shake it up its still some good, right i do have a coupon around here somewhere tho but then you have to FIND that particular brand which of course isnt what was prescribed. !<-- Habib voice.That's what the man at the gas station calls me.

BUT the deductible is so dang high, you can be sitting here paying $300+ a month for one person which is already hard and then STILL never utilize the insurance properly b/c you can't come up with the ridiculous deductible (1-5000k). You think the Pres would just like, throw a sammich together? If that's the case, I'm dropping my BCBS and signing up for Obamacare if it's cheaper. The dental is MetLife, I can’t recall who the vision is with.I have the high option so I think mines is a lil more, same with the vision , but its just me on the vision. Most don't have insurance b/c of neglect, they have it b/c they can't afford it.

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