facility located in Bulciago, Italy. We have determined that this conclusion is not reliable because neither reconciliation procedures nor data regarding the number of microbial plates used for environmental monitoring and microbiology laboratory samples were available at the time. In addition, your revised procedure still allows for employees to enter data on each others’ paperwork, which is a practice that continues to undermine your data integrity and increases the possibility of errors in the laboratory record.Specifically, the inspection revealed that your firm has not established written procedures to control and account for electronically generated worksheets used by analysts to record analytical test results. Refer to Form FDA 483, Observation #3. When FDA conducts a facility inspection, it will conclude the inspection by having a meeting with the facility’s management discussing the inspector’s observations. Axia Pharmaceutical is an FDA-registered, full-service 503B outsourcing facility. A comprehensive GMP Intelligence program follows 483s and warning letters for information on the FDA’s focus. In addition, during the inspection, our investigator observed that your Empower 3 system audit trail displayed many instances of a “Project Integrity Failed” message, which indicates that injections were missing from the results of analytical testing. These signals indicated the loss or deletion of original CGMP analytical data. • FDA CGMP inspection(s) have uncovered violations with data integrity issues. Later in the inspection, FDA found that raw data was being stored in several folders on PCs.During the inspection, an analyst removed a USB thumb drive from a computer controlling an HPLC. We acknowledge that your firm has begun testing for organic volatile impurities.

Your firm failed to maintain documentation of what had been shredded…Personnel from your firm provided the FDA investigator misleading information related to the practices of “demo” and “trial” testing found during the inspection. • Data integrity is an important component of industry’s responsibility to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs, and of FDA’s ability to protect the public health. This included surveillance, analysis and communication of GMP related legislation, regulations, guidance and industry compliance enforcement trends.

Although you implemented a procedure to begin reviewing audit trails of your high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Empower system on January 11, 2016, you had not performed any reviews prior to our inspection. However, there is no documentation of his/her signature to acknowledge the entries recorded. FDA expects the inspected facility to respond to an FDA Form 483 in writing identifying the steps taken (or that will be taken) to adequately address the observations identified in the form.If FDA is not satisfied with a facility’s 483-response, or if the violations are of a significant nature relating to consumer safety, the FDA may issue a “Warning Letter” to the firm regarding the violations.

In addition, some firms have gone to extremes in physically blocking the FDA’s access to areas which they have a right to inspect.Here are some of the unique or egregious deficiencies or early identification of ‘new’ deficiencies in this area. FDA expects the inspected facility to respond to an FDA Form 483 in writing identifying the steps taken (or that will be taken) to adequately address the observations identified in the form. It was observed within the in-house analysis records and through discussion with a firm employee that starting material (b) (4), an internal lot (b) (4) had come from an unknown supplier via a distributor without product label or manufacturer information. Most recently the use of ‘integration interruption’ capability of chromatography data systems has been identified as a means of data manipulation.

After approximately 15 minutes, management provided our investigator with what they asserted was the USB thumb drive in question. During this discussion, the FDA Inspector may identify a series of objectionable conditions observed during the inspection and the inspected firm has the ability to ask questions regarding the observations.

Bulciago SiteProfile $295. Our investigators documented over 30 production batch records (approximately 80% of the records reviewed) that contained evidence of original data such as dates, signatures, temperatures, test results, weights, volumes, and times being removed, and new data written.

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